Accommodation: Supplying ample hotels and rooms
Beijing houses 816 star-level hotels, comprising over 130,000 guest rooms
Transport: Guaranteeing convenient access to traffic facilities
To ensure convenient travel in Beijing, temporary measures have been adopted
Media: Ensuring media freedom during the Olympics
The two documents ensure that international journalists have full freedom to report throughout China
Site selection: Relocating the horse racing ground to Hong Kong
BOCOG and IOC, through negotiation, decided at last to reallocate the beach volleyball court to Chaoyang Park in Beijing
Income and expenditure: Expected to realize profits of $16 million
BOCOG officials believe it is able to realize the profit goal of $16 million
Environment: Emerging 'green' concepts
the city has invested 100 billion yuan ($14.7 billion) to treat and prevent pollutants
Facilities: Completion of Olympic stadiums and venues
The 37 venues for the Olympic Games have all been finished
Security: Ensuring public security during the Olympics
Beijing has heightened security for the Olympic Games
IPR Protection: Protecting Olympic Intellectual Property Rights
The Chinese Government has adopted all necessary legal measures to reinforce the protection of the Olympic symbols
Customs: Free flow for both visitors and materials
Around-the-clock services are provided for the entry of materials for the Olympics