Top Official Sacked
Su Rong, Vice Chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference National Committee, has been put under investigation for suspected disciplinary violations
Heroine Teacher
Qin Kaimei, a primary school teacher in central China's Hubei Province, offers herself up as a hostage when a man armed with a knife, a homemade bomb, and bottles of gasoline broke into her classroom during school

"I force myself to eat every day, because I still believe my daughter is alive and I have to stay strong to wait for her to come home."

Zhang Lixia, a single mother from Heilongjiang Province whose 27-year-old daughter was aboard the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, on June 16, which disappeared on March 8.

"The study of healthy life expectancies will be conducted every three years, and people should be instructed to increase healthy life choices to make their later years more comfortable and rewarding."

Deng Ying, Director of the Beijing Center for Disease Prevention and Control, on June 16, drawing on the first research on healthy life expectancy in Beijing. It shows that Beijingers can live, on average, 58.17 years in full health, about 10 years fewer than the average in most industrialized countries

"Female officials show slight differences in committing duty-related crimes compared to their male counterparts. They are more apt to conspire with male partners, as well as trade sex for power."

Li Chengyan, a researcher from Peking University, on June 16, commenting on the investigation of 12 female officials in key posts who were announced as being under investigation for duty-related crimes by central and provincial anti-graft watchdogs in the first half of 2014

"An increasing number of educated Chinese women tend to date and marry Western men, as they believe that compared with Chinese men, foreign men care less about women's appearance and age."

Zhou Xiaopeng, a marriage specialist from dating website, on June 17

Lead Poisoning

Xinhua Daily Telegraph

June 17

In response to widespread media coverage of 300 children suffering from lead poisoning in Hengdong, central China's Hunan Province, the local government shut down a chemical plant suspected of being responsible for the poisoning. It was also requested that a local public security bureau investigate its owner. The chemical plant is suspected of discharging untreated water and dust.

However, the measures taken by the government to investigate this lead poisoning incident cannot remedy the miseries already suffered by these children and their families. The highest lead density recorded in the local children was 322 micrograms per liter of blood, far above the national standard of 100 micrograms per liter for children.

All Roads Lead to Brazil

China Newsweek

June 9

Though the Chinese national football team did not make it to the 2014 FIFA World Cup held in Brazil from June 12-July 13, China is still managing to take part in the event.

Chinese machinery, for example, has been used to build a number of Brazilian football stadiums. Eighty percent of underground and commuter trains running in Rio de Janeiro are produced in Changchun, capital of northeast China's Jilin Province.

HK Heritage A dragon boat race in celebration of the Dragon Boat Festival took place in Hong Kong (SONG ZHENPING)
Time Honored A woman shows off stamps commemorating the 90th anniversary of the Huangpu (Whampoa) Military Academy (WANG JIANKANG)
Aging Society
More than 131.6 million Chinese citizens are now over the age of 65, about 9.7 percent of the population
Orphan Care
More than 80,000 disabled orphans have undergone surgery and rehabilitation over the past decade thanks to a welfare project
Underground Survey
A general survey of underground pipelines in cities and a unified management system will be completed by 2015
Water Corridor Ships sail through the five-stage ship lock of the Three Gorges Dam in an orderly fashion (ZHENG JIAYU)
Fruits of Labor Farmers put boxes of red apricots onto a truck for export sale in Julu County, Hebei Province (YANG SHIYAO)
Free Trade Account
China's central bank launches a free trade account for the country's first free trade zone in Shanghai
Industry Overhaul
Chinese authorities releases a work plan to encourage merging and corporate reorganization among domestic baby-formula producers
Declining Housing Price
China's property sector continues to cool in May, as new home prices in half of 70 major cities showed month-on-month drops
Zhang Bin
A financial editor at

If money isn't the issue, is it that the lunch itself fails to whet the Chinese business world's appetite? Could it be that since, according to the rules, they can't discuss individual stocks, Chinese businessmen just aren't interested in a place at the table?

Even though winning bidders are encouraged to discuss their family and their life, not their investments, it seems poor value for money indeed not to get a little return on those millions.

    Vehicles and weapons from the Saber Strike 2014 exercise are demonstrated to the public at a military base in Rukla on June 15. The drill gathered 4,700 service people from 10 NATO member countries (XINHUA)
    UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon (second left), accompanied by his wife Yoo Soon Taek (second right), blows out 70 candles on a birthday cake during a celebration in his honor in El Torno on June 13 (XINHUA/AFP)
    A fireman showers crashed vehicles with foam during an anti-Russian rally in front of the Russian Embassy in Kiev on June 14 (XINHUA/AFP)
    A traveler walks on a platform at the Saint-Charles Station on June 13 in Marseille, on the third day of a national strike by employees of the French state-owned railway company SNCF (XINHUA/AFP)
    A musical group performs at the annual Gnaoua World Music Festival in Essaouira on June 13 (XINHUA/AFP)
    Spain’s new King Felipe VI (third left in front) poses with his wife Queen Letizia (third right in front) and Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy (second right in front) at his swearing-in ceremony in Madrid on June 19 (XINHUA/AFP)
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