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- Archives Confirm Japan's WWII Bombing of Chongqing
- China Defends UNESCO 'Comfort Women' Listing
- Archives Reveal Wartime Immigrations of Japanese to Northeast China
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A Record of History
Newly published documents on Japanese troops' atrocities fill gaps in WWII historical research
Seeking Justice
Chinese citizens forced into slavery during wartime remain determined in their search for an apology from Japan
Respecting History
China's Nanjing City has revealed confidential files detailing Japan's war crimes
Yasukuni: Reviewing History
Honoring History for Peace
Interviews with the Survivors of Nanjing Massacre
Chinese Expats in New York Commemorate Nanjing Massacre
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- Abe's Controversial Shrine Visit
- Japan Consolidates Leadership
- Japan's Pacifist Constitution at Risk
- Dangerous Currents Around Diaoyu
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- Crimes of Unit 731
- Who Are the 14 Class-A War Criminals Enshrined at Yasukuni?
- Why Is Yasukuni Shrine Controversial?
- About Yasukuni Shrine
- Chinese Forced Laborers of Japanese Aggression
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