Quake Shocks Sichuan
Nation demonstrates progress in dealing with severe disaster
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Learning with BeijingReview
UPDATED: September 1, 2008 No.36 SEP.4, 2008
Olympic Legacy

7年的筹备,16天的体育狂欢节,北京做出了自己的最大努力。人们会记得现代奥林匹克运动在一个古老国家的首都,展现出的自由、平等、拼搏和快乐。当奥运圣火在北京国家体育场鸟巢缓缓熄灭,各国运动员从各个入口进入体育场内,整个场馆顿时化成了一个欢乐的晚会。这个夜晚理应属于他们,因为他们向全世界再一次完美诠释了 “更高、更快、更强”的奥运理想,他们也再一次创造了的人类体育的巅峰记录;这个夜晚也属于全世界所有的人们,因为他们刚刚享受到了一场体育的盛宴,并从中获得了巨大的快乐。




相信许多年后人们依然会记得这些难忘的镜头:当韩国举重运动员李培永带伤第三次上台试举失败倒在了地上时,全场突然爆发出潮水般的欢呼和掌声为他喝彩的中国观众挥了挥手;当中国队获得女子团体金牌时,美国队的主力队员肖恩第一时间冲过来,与中国姑娘们击掌庆祝;当日本选手北岛康介夺得男子100米蛙泳比赛冠军并打破世界纪录时,同池竞技的前世界纪录保持者、美国人汉森特意游过几个泳道来拥抱北岛; 当格鲁吉亚和俄罗斯两国运动员站在领奖台时的相拥一吻;德国选手施泰纳把亡妻照片和奥运金牌高高举起;还有德国体操选手丘索维金娜为儿子治病而“高龄”参赛,这些动人的场景都在展示体育的魅力的同时还向人们昭示着人性中的释然、执着和爱。这场盛会是短暂的,而体育竞技背后的闪耀的人性的光辉将成为精神财富,长久地推动人类社会前行。



As the 16-day sports extravaganza drew its curtains, Beijing captivated millions of world viewers again with a colorful closing ceremony. During the titanic seven years of preparation, the ancient capital city has been revitalized by the modern Olympic Games. Over the past weeks, Beijing has fully presented to the world the Olympic spirit of liberty, equality and endeavor, and the whole city is still immersed in the charms of sport. Long after the sacred flame was extinguished at the Bird's Nest National Stadium, its glow has remained.

In the stadium, sports excellence drew loud cheers from the spectators across races and nationalities. American swimmer Michael Phelps won eight titles, breaking the single-Games record for gold medals. Jamaica's Usain Bolt sprinted to 100 and 200 meters gold in record times and it was the first time that athletes from Mongolia, Togo, Afghanistan and Tajikistan won medals at an Olympics. These groundbreaking victories have not only fulfilled dreams of honor, but also created new Olympic history.

When the winners moved the audience by extraordinary performances, we were also inspired by those unremitting struggles against setbacks, which enriched the meaning of sports and raised the Olympic spirit to higher levels.

Beijing will never forget the thundering acclaims and generous cheers for injured Korean weightlifter Lee Bae Young, despite his failure in the third attempt. Beijing will always remember the friendship between Chinese and U.S. gymnasts. When the Chinese girls took the women's team trophy, American gymnast Shawn Johnson was first to congratulate them. Beijing will not lose sight of celebrating hugs in the pool between swimmers of different nations. When Japanese prodigy swimmer Kosuke Kitajima broke the men's 100 meters breaststroke world record, American Brendan Hansen, former world record holder of this competition, passed through several lanes to congratulate him. The charms of sport brought Georgian and Russian athletes to kiss each other on the podium, and inspired German Steiner Matthias to win the competition for his departed wife and Oksana Chusovitina for her sick son. The Beijing event is over, but the Olympic spirit brings eternal joy and love to the human race in pursuit of social progress and world peace.

The success of the Beijing Games is attributable to the efforts of athletes, to the efforts of volunteers, to the enthusiasm of the spectators and to the devotion of millions of Chinese. When our friends leave with satisfactory smiles on their faces, everything we did has paid off, and what they left will be remembered here.

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