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3-Day Trip Tips for Expo Visitors
Make the most of your time with this self-guided tour

Day Three

Many people think that the pavilions in the Puxi Area are not the emphasis of the Expo Site. But the business pavilions are important as well, showing visitors what efforts countries have made to improve the quality of urban life.

• Morning: China Shipbuilding Industry Corp. PavilionPrivate Enterprises Joint PavilionLondon's UBPA Case, etc.

Plan to arrive at the entrance at 8:30 a.m., just like the previous two days. You can take tramway Line 8 to the Tibet South Road stop and find the biggest entrance in the Puxi Area.

Entering the Site, you will first see the China Shipbuilding Industry Corp. Pavilion reconstructed from an old factory, in which you can discover the history of China shipbuilding and see the ship model of Zheng He, the man who led the Chinese fleet's seven expeditions around the Indian Ocean some 600 years ago.

The next stop is the Private Enterprises Joint Pavilion, which is presented by a group of well-known private Chinese businesses such as e-commerce giant Alibaba and furniture maker Red Star Macalline.

Get a sneak peek at urban China in 2049 in the Vanke Pavilion. The Broad Pavilion next door is designed with the idea of environmental protection.

After the Broad Pavilion, your next stop should be the Urban Best Practice Area (UBPA), which has wonderful pavilions such as the Osaka Case (Japan), the Taipei Case, the Sao Paulo Case (Brazil) and the Rotterdam Case (Netherlands).

Then, going across the skywalk, you will arrive at the highlight of the UBPA – the North Part, next to South Zhongshan Road. Here, you will learn about the innovation and creation of our living environment in Shanghai's UBPA Case – "Ecological Home in Shanghai."

You can also visit the Jinyong Library and a century-old pawnshop in Macao's UBPA Case. In addition, you might enjoy the Daming Palace of the Tang Dynasty (618-907), which represented an apex in terms of economical and cultural development in ancient China, in Xi'an's UBPA Case.

As for the foreign cases in the UBPA Display (North), the "Zero-Carbon Pavilion" (London's Case), "Hamburg's House" (Hamburg's Case), "Tent City" (Mecca's Case) and "Bamboo House" (Madrid's Case) all deserve a visit.

Return to the South block by crossing the skywalk. Take a break under the tent in Global Urban Plaza, or have lunch near the skywalk at the biggest restaurant in Puxi.

• Afternoon: Pavilion of the FutureSpace PavilionExpo PlazaChina Railway Pavilion

The first stop in the afternoon is the Pavilion of the Future, which will tell you about the future of urban life.

Walking back to the business pavilion zone, visit the "cloud-like" Space Pavilion, the Information and Communication Pavilion and the SAIC-GM Pavilion.

Then you can see performances on the Expo Plaza or have some fun around the old boatyard in the China Shipbuilding Industry Corp. Pavilion. If you like jade, visit the Aurora Pavilion, which is next to the China Railway Pavilion. With its CD-like façade, the beautiful Shanghai Corporate Joint Pavilion houses the most advanced robot in the worldHaibao, the Shanghai Expo's mascot.

• Evening: Coca-Cola Pavilion – Space Home PavilionState Grid PavilionExpo Museum

Rest for a while and eat dinner at Jiangnan Park. After dinner, it's time to visit the Coca-Cola Pavilion and learn about the latest in space technology in the Space Home Pavilion.

Next are the State Grid Pavilion and the China National Petroleum Corp. Pavilion. If you like, you can take photos with the ROK Corporate Joint Pavilion along the Huangpu River.

Finally, you might be interested to learn about the 160-year history of the World Expo in the Expo Museum. You can also stop by the Pavilion of Urban Civilization and the nearby Japanese Industry Pavilion.

Exit the Expo Site on Luban Road next to the Lupu Bridge, from where you can take tramway Line 4 or Bus Lines 17, 36 and 146.

(Source: Beijing Youth Daily, March 30, 2010)

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