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UPDATED: April 13, 2010 Web Exclusive
3-Day Trip Tips for Expo Visitors
Make the most of your time with this self-guided tour

Day Two

Arrive at the Expo Site at 8:30 a.m., the same as Day One. Use the entrance at the Changqing Road Gate. Don't forget the booking procedure before entering. My suggestion here is to book your visiting time in the afternoon or evening for the U.S. Pavilion, United Kingdom Pavilion, Belgium-UN Pavilion, France Pavilion and Switzerland Pavilion.

• Morning: Thailand PavilionAustralia PavilionSingapore PavilionNew Zealand PavilionUnited Nations Pavilion, etc.

Entering from Changqing Road, the Thailand Pavilion will be on the right. Ahead, you will see the Australia Pavilion, which deserves your attention; then on your right is the music-box-like Singapore Pavilion and the Malaysia Pavilion next to it. Then you will be attracted by the fascinating scenery inside the New Zealand Pavilion, created by the visual effects team behind the famous Lord of the Rings films. Coming out of the New Zealand Pavilion, you might stop by the Cambodia Pavilion; ahead, you'll find the Indonesia Pavilion, which is covered with greenish bamboo that grows on the roof. After that, you could visit the Joint Pavilion of International Organizations, the Brunei Darussalam Pavilion and the Philippines Pavilion.

Take the skywalk toward the Huangpu River until you see the blue United Nations Pavilion, one of the highlights of the Expo Site. Beside the UN Pavilion is the MeteoWorld Pavilion, which is the only self-built pavilion among the participating international organizations. With good weather, you might see a rainbow in the "cloud droplets" that cover this pavilion. Then you can visit the International Federation of Red Cross Pavilion ahead and stop by the nearby light-blue Pacific Pavilion.

• Afternoon: Spain PavilionSwitzerland PavilionFrance PavilionGermany PavilionU.S. Pavilion, etc.

Eat a good lunch in order to boost your energy for a full afternoon schedule.

Walking across Changqing Road alongside the UN Pavilion, you can see "The Basket" (the Spain Pavilion) and two leasehold pavilions, the Monaco Pavilion and the Serbia Pavilion, lining the leisure square. On the other side of the leisure square is the Belgium-EU Pavilion, where you can take a quiz about Europe for a chance to win a diamond every Monday to Saturday, or a free trip to Europe every Sunday.

The next stop is the Poland Pavilion next to the Belgium-EU Pavilion. Then you can take a cable car to visit the Switzerland Pavilion. One of the highlights of the Switzerland Pavilion is its blinking façade, which stores and transforms wind energy and light energy into electricity to power the pavilion. The highlight of the nearby France Pavilion is the display of precious original artworks, including the famous masterpiece The Age of Bronze by Auguste Rodin. Then you can visit the Germany Pavilion, which is located between the France Pavilion and the Poland Pavilion.

After visiting the Germany Pavilion, cross the North Round Road to see the Ireland Pavilion. Then stop by the Norway Pavilion, which is next to the Ukraine Pavilion and the Iceland Pavilion.

Going ahead, you will enjoy the four-box-like Sweden Pavilion and the Denmark Pavilion with its national treasurethe sculpture of the Little Mermaid. The Finland Pavilion is next to the Denmark Pavilion. The Latvia Pavilion and the Estonia Pavilion are located across from these two pavilions.

After visiting the Finland Pavilion, cross the skywalk to visit three more leasehold pavilions: the Portugal Pavilion, the Slovakia Pavilion and the Czech Pavilion.

Next, take a look at the Hungary Pavilion and cross Xiying Road, passing by the Caribbean Community Pavilion and the Cuba Pavilion, to walk around the Venezuela Pavilion. Pose for some photos in the Chile Pavilion. Next to the Chile Pavilion is the Mexico Pavilion. Then you can enjoy a performance by Cirque du Soleil in the Canada Pavilion and the delicious food in the Peru Pavilion.

Before you arrive at the U.S. Pavilion, you will see the Columbia Pavilion, the Brazil Pavilion and the Joint Pavilion of Central and South American Countries. The waterfall and the big 4D screen at the entrance to the U.S. Pavilion are worth the wait.

Evening: South Africa PavilionEgypt PavilionRussia PavilionItaly PavilionUnited Kingdom Pavilion, etc.

For dinner, try the restaurant inside the U.S. Pavilion.

After dinner, you can visit a series of leasehold pavilions, including the Argentina Pavilion, the Slovenia Pavilion, the South Africa Pavilion, the Egypt Pavilion, the Tunisia Pavilion, the Algeria Pavilion, the Angola Pavilion, the Nigeria Pavilion, the Libya Pavilion, the Lithuania Pavilion and the Croatia Pavilion.

Next, lose yourself in the fairyland of the Russia Pavilion with its 12 petal-shaped towers. Then watch a film in the green-apple-like Romania Pavilion.

Moving ahead and looking at the Austria Pavilion, the Netherlands Pavilion and the Luxembourg Pavilion along the way, you might be surprised by the Italy Pavilion, which was built with transparent concrete. The small but dazzling United Kingdom Pavilion has 60,000 slim and transparent acrylic rods that flutter in the wind.

Finally, shop around the traditional African bazaar in the Africa Joint Pavilion to end the second day of your visit.

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