Real multilateralism and cooperation needed in developing human rights
By Tao Xing  ·  2022-07-27  ·   Source: Web Exclusive


The 2022 Beijing Forum on Human Rights is held in Beijing on July 26 (COURTESY PHOTO) 

While global cooperation is needed to strengthen the development of human rights, countries should not interfere in the internal affairs of other countries in the name of human rights, officials and experts said at a recent forum on human rights.   

At this moment, the world has entered a new period of turbulent changes and the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development has been hindered, Padma Choling, President of China Society for Human Rights Studies said at the Beijing Forum on Human Rights, held in Beijing on July 26.  

Therefore, all countries should work together to seek common ground while reserving differences, build consensus on human rights development, better enhance people’s well-being, and improve global governance on human rights, Padma Choling added. He said he hopes the forum provides a platform for experts and scholars to communicate with each other and lay the foundation for future cooperation. 

The Beijing Forum on Human Rights has been held every year since 2008, attracting many officials, human rights experts and scholars from many countries and regions in the world.  

Today, the application of unilateral sanctions affects the enjoyment of a broad scope of human rights including the right to development, and impedes the achievement of a large number of sustainable development goals, Alena Douhan, UN Special Rapporteur on the Negative Impact of Unilateral Coercive Measures on the Enjoyment of Human Rights, said. 

Human rights can only be protected and achieved if cooperation, dialogue, the rule of law and prohibition of discrimination and of double standards are applied by every state and every international organization as grounds for international relations, Douhan added. 

All parties should advocate real multilateralism and strengthen cooperation in fields such as poverty reduction, food security, public health, clean energy and the digital economy, Du Zhanyuan, President of China International Communications Group, said at the forum. 

"We should also promote development outcomes that benefit more countries and people fairly," Du added.    

It can be enthusiastically and proudly stated that China has made and continues to make worthy contributions towards the promotion and protection of global human rights, Bhofal Chambers, Speaker of the House of Representatives of Liberia said via video at the forum.  

The Chinese Government, through its embassy in Liberia, has been very instrumental in the empowerment activities of women and children in Liberia, he said. 

Copyedited by G.P. Wilson  

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