Bangladesh Ambassador to China: Learning from China to protect Bengal tigers
  ·  2021-10-18  ·   Source: Web Exclusive

In an interview with Beijing Review reporter Li Qing during the 15th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity, also known as COP15, held in Kunming, capital city of southwest China’s Yunnan Province, on October 13, Mahbub Uz Zaman, Ambassador of Bangladesh to China, comments on biological conservation efforts in China and Bangladesh. Edited excerpts of his views follow:  

China has played a principal role in organizing the COP 15. Its timing is very important, as the results we gain here will contribute to the Glasgow 2021 UN Climate Change Conference. 

According to Chinese President Xi Jinping, China will assist those more vulnerable countries faced with biodiversity loss and establish a fund to support developing countries in their biodiversity preservation efforts. 

Today, the population of the Royal Bengal tigers in Bangladesh is increasing, while a lot of challenges remain, requiring regional attention. Collective afforestation endeavors can increase the population of Bengal tigers. If Bangladesh can liaise with the Chinese Government, it can learn from the latter's experiences in saving the giant panda.   

Bangladesh is supposed to increase forestation and create natural habitats for its tigers . It now seeks the support from all its development partners, including China. 

All governments share a responsibility to educate and motivate their people to further engage in environmental conservation and combat climate change.  

Copyedited by Elsbeth van Paridon 

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