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Happy childhood for all
Editorial  ·  2022-05-27  ·   Source: No.22 JUNE 2, 2022
June 1 this year was the first Children's Day after China implemented a policy to further reduce the excessive burden of homework and after-school tutoring for primary and junior high school students.

With this policy in place, June 1 has become a day on which Chinese children can really feel carefree. Now they don't have excessive homework, and don't need to rush about attending tutoring courses carrying heavy schoolbags. Playing is natural for children, and Children's Day should be a happy festival.

In May last year, the central authorities adopted guidelines to ease the academic burden on first to ninth graders. The policy is making a difference. Schools are required to avoid rote learning, and offer individualized quality education for the all-round development of every student.

The way in which children are educated naturally produces different outcomes. Exam-oriented education and aggressive marketing by after-school tutoring institutions caused parents to worry that their children may fall behind, driving them to continually increase the study burden on their children.

However, high test scores don't necessarily mean a strong ability to solve problems. Only through leaving more time for children to play and to develop their abilities according to their own interests, will they develop in a well-rounded way.

The world is now undergoing a major transformation. The key to China's future development lies in the talents of its people and education is the foundation of building this.

In the face of future opportunities and challenges, we must remain keenly aware that there are still many areas in Chinese education that need to be changed. For instance, some content and teaching methods are outdated, and Chinese children still need to enhance their practical abilities and innovative thinking.

The policy of easing the excessive study burden is in line with the need for children's well-rounded development, but it is not yet enough. It is also important to reform education methods and encourage teachers to tailor lessons to students' aptitudes.

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