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An Open Letter to Belt and Road News Network Members
  ·  2020-03-27  ·   Source: Belt and Road News Network Secretariat

Together We Fight the War of Pandemic, Together We Build the Silk Road of Health 

March 25, 2020

The battle against the COVID-19 is a war for all human beings. The virus respects no border. To date, more than 370,000 confirmed cases have been reported in over 190 countries and territories. 

We are all in this crisis. Since the outbreak, China and the countries along the Belt and Road have supported and helped each other. China received support and donations from international community at the height of the epidemic. When other countries are affected and suffered from the virus, China is reaching out, sharing its experience and contributing to global virus prevention and control 

The battle against the virus once again shows that countries are invariably associated with one another; sharing weal and woe. We are all in a community of shared future. Therefore, it is both imperative and far-sighted to stress the need of peaceful cooperation, openness and inclusiveness, mutual learning, mutual benefits and win-win results, as advocated by the Belt and Road Initiative. No country can face the pandemic alone, and only by joining hands to overcome difficulties and enhance cooperation can we rise above the disease and minimize its damage. 

The media play a vital role in this global fight. We are grateful to BRNN members for your fair and balanced coverage, which brings genuine warmth and strength. Apart from damaging health, the virus may also serve as a vehicle for racism and xenophobia and undermine the solidarity of the humankind. We are in the same trench and fight the common enemy. Victory can only be attained by unity and determination, not division and discrimination caused by smear and stigma. 

We expect that all BRNN members continue to convey factual and reliable information regarding COVID-19 to your audience, and fight against rumors and misinformation. The timely and accurate coverage of the disease, how it develops and how it could be controlled, will shape a favorable public opinion for social unity and science-based approach. 

We call for greater international media coordination and cooperation and more sharing of reports regarding the outbreak, so to give the message of unity and support to the public. It is imperative to facilitate policy coordination of virus prevention and control and strengthen cooperation among individuals, organizations and countries. You are encouraged to tell stories of how countries fight together by looking over for each other and helping each other; and give the warm message of unity and strength. 

We urge all BRNN members to uphold media and moral responsibility and prioritize human health and safety in your reports. News coverage could also play a role in disease prevention and control and in this fight for life. We should highlight the selflessness and sacrifice and make our reports people oriented and life oriented. 

Every cloud has a silver lining. We will eventually win this fight against COVID-19 and heal our world. It is our sincere hope that all countries will soon overcome this crisis. As for our dear colleagues of the BRNN, we wish you and your family good health and every success in your job. 


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