Market Watch NO. 49, 2015
  ·  2015-12-01  ·   Source: NO. 49 DECEMBER 3, 2015


$89 bln 

China's investment in clean energy in 2014, the largest among 55 nations surveyed in a global report, Climatescope 2015

3.05 bln tons 

China's coal production from January to October, falling 3.6 percent from a year ago


Percentage of Chinese luxury consumption that happened outside of China in 2015


The 2014 market share of Chinese firms regarding the global offshore service outsourcing, narrowing the gap with the current largest provider, India

800 bln yuan 

The predicted value of China's cosmetic surgery industry by 2019

188.6 tln yuan 

The onshore assets of China's banking institutions, including commercial banks, policy banks and rural credit cooperatives, as of the end of October, climbing 15 percent from a year ago

174 tln yuan 

Total liabilities of China's banking institutions at the end of October, a 14.3-percent increase over the same period last year

1.3 tln yuan 

China's investment in research and development in 2014, up 9.9 percent from 2013 with the country seeking to find a new competitive edge as the era of cheap labor and fast exports ends

Copyedited by Bryan Michael Galvan 

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