• Garden Valley
    Formerly a 30-meter-deep large sand pit covering 20 hectares of land area, in the Garden Expo Park on the western bank of the Yongding River in Beijing's Fengtai District (CHINANEWS.COM)

  • Ginkgo Avenue in the Garden Expo Park (CHINANEWS.COM)

  • European-Style Garden (SHI GANG)

  • Beijing Park (XINHUA)

  • Hong Kong Garden (CHINANEWS.COM)

  • Macao Garden (CHINANEWS.COM)

  • Taiwan Garden (CRI)

  • Lhasa Garden (CRI)

  • Chongqing Park
    It’s a traditional dwelling of various ethnic minorities, such as the Miao and Zhuang ethnic minority groups. High above the ground, the stilted buildings are dry and ventilated and can prevent attacks from vipers and wild beasts (EXPO2013.NET)

  • Guiyang Park ( EXPO2013.NET)

  • Harbin Park
    It features the white Russian-style church is one of the core landscapes in the park (CHINA DAILY)

  • Hefei Park
    Four stone lions around the memorial arch represent majesty and decency. The vivid stone lotus carved on the arch stands for incorruptibility, which corresponds with the design concept of the park (CHINA DAILY)

  • Jiangsu Park
    It features classical gardens in regions south of the Yangtze River, such as paintings, calligraphies, carvings and horizontal inscribed boards (EXPO2013.NET)

  • Lingnan Park
    Lingnan area includes south China's Guangdong and Hainan provinces, and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The construction uses many wood carvings and tile carvings (CHINA DAILY)

  • Shenyang Park
    Industrial cultural exhibition galleries and metal sculptures of workers show that Shenyang is not only an old industrial city, but also a modern fashionable metropolis. As China’s important heavy industrial base, Shenyang is full of industrial culture (CHINA DAILY)

  • Xiangtan Park
    The most representative building in Xiangtan Park is Biquan Academy. As one of the oldest academies in Hunan province, Biquan Academy has made great contributions to the development of Hunan’s culture (CHINA DAILY)