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China's economic landscape for the next year will no doubt feature more policies and regulations geared toward reducing the impact of the global economic crisis. Next year will mark the debut of China's 12th Five-Year Programe, which features many policies aimed at stabilizing China's economy. Although the country has seen explosive growth in recent years, there are still some uncertainties regarding China's economy; 2011 will prove to be a test for China's most recent policies. Below are comments from 10 economic experts about the outlook for China in 2011.
Teng Tai:
2011 will be a year of "soft landings" for China's economy. China's GDP growth rate in 2011 will at least be 1 percentage point lower than that of 2010
Su Buchao:
Property prices will stabilize in 2011. The market's highlights will include changes in consumption patterns and new areas of focus for speculators
Ding Yuan:
The "A share" market will bring in handsome returns over the next three years, and China's stock market will see modest growth in 2011
Zhang Yansheng:
China may see trade wars in 2011. Prices of energy resources in the international market are likely to keep rising
Wang Jianmao:
Annual consumer price index (CPI) growth will top 3 percent. New reforms targeting the prices of labor and capital will also occur in 2011
Kai-Fu Lee:
Mobile Internet access will become a common mode of communication in 2011. Barriers to the development of mobile Internet in China will be eliminated
Su Hainan:
We should make a bigger "cake" and divide it more fairly. The determining factors for wage increases will be GDP growth, policy changes and variances in supply and demand in the labor market
Yao Jingyuan:
China's economic development pattern must be changed. The pursuit of faster growth must be put aside in order to realize economic transformation
Chen Fengying:
Energy prices should be dictated by the market, administrative interference should be phased out. Demand for oil will actually decrease in 2011
Li Jian:
Renminbi appreciation in 2011 will not exceed 6 percent. China's exchange policy for 2011 will ensure that the renminbi appreciates gradually and smoothly
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