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Standing Together
Editorial | NO. 6 FEBRUARY 8, 2018

Economic globalization was a hot topic at the 2018 World Economic Forum (WEF), which closed in Davos, Switzerland, on January 26. Notably, participants at the annual meeting focused on solutions for a fractured world and the creation of a shared future. Even though trade protectionism is rising in some Western states, their leaders refrained from voicing opposition against the theme of the Davos forum.

This year's annual brainstorming saw China, an advocate of globalization and one of its driving forces, in the spotlight. The theme of the forum "creating a shared future in a fractured world" echoed Chinese President Xi Jinping's keynote speech last year. At the 2017 Davos forum President Xi advocated building a community with a shared future for mankind and an open, inclusive and win-win international community. His vision was applauded at last year's forum, and the discussion about the topic continued this year.

Today, it has become the mainstream objective of the international community to safeguard and push forward globalization as anti-globalization moves would adversely affect the whole world.

There were many topics related to China in Davos, with several symposiums held, focusing on how China participates in global governance, the country's economic policies, the international impact of the Belt and Road Initiative, and the opportunities China presents for the rest of the world. The international community has recognized China's contribution to globalization in terms of its economic growth and proposed solutions. China is also expected by many countries to play a bigger role in global governance.

In the face of global challenges like climate change and terrorism, no country can cope with the changing scenario alone. As for the opportunities of the fourth wave of the industrial revolution driven by information technology, artificial intelligence and other technological advancements, no country can pocket them without sharing with others.

Results-oriented cooperation by pushing forward globalization in a more open, inclusive and balanced direction should be the consensus of all.

President Xi's concept of building a shared future for all has been written into UN documents. Backed by the international community, this concept is now being translated into action.

The Belt and Road Initiative proposed by China has injected impetus into globalization. It is expected that the international community will work in concert to build a better future for all.

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