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Customs and Habits
  • Yaks
    Yaks carrying bricks of tea wade through an icy river (1956)

  • Ferry

    The ferry at Zetang (1957). The boatman took up the pole and shoved the boat off a few meters to allow others to wade to the boat. A boat could carry some 30 people, a dozen mules, or goods. Money thus charged would go to the local government. Boatmen were all serfs and were given just a few food grains as payment. This is what is often called "corvee labor" in Tibet. The wooden horse head on the boat symbolizes Hayagriva, believed to protect the boat from the dangers of the rapid current

  • Ropeway
    Crossing Peilung River by ropeway (1973)

  • One-plank Bridge 
    The one-plank bridge in a Himalayan mountain valley in Shannan (1962)

  • Ancient Mansion Interior
    Ancient mansion interior (1957)

  • Pillbox Building 
    Pillbox housing in rural area of Xigaze (1957) 

  • Wooden Hut 
    Wooden hut in Nyingchi (1961)

  • Residential Apartment
    Residential apartment building in Lhasa (1978)

    Wind Winnowing 
    Wind winnowing in rural area of Shannan (1960)

  • Tibetan Yaks
    Tibetan yaks (1957). They found on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau have been tamed and adopted by the Tibetans as the major transport mode for thousands of years. Covered with thick, long hairs (mostly black, but some white), the animals herd together and live on plants growing close to the ground because of the fierce weather sweeping the plateau region. They are good at walking nimbly along icy slopes and on ice. Docile as they are, the Tibetan yaks are extremely tough and can resist the scarcity of oxygen and long periods of freezing cold. They are indispensable to Tibetan herders for their milk, meat, hides and hair
  • A Milkmaid 
    A milkmaid in Amdo County (1973)

  • Making Butter
    Making butter at Dorma Farm (1973)
  • Colorful 
    Textile products (1990)

  • Kardian Rugs
    Weaving Kardian rugs (1959)
  •  Handmade
    Tibetan girls twisting woolen yarns (1957)

  • A Carpet Workshop
    A shot of the Xigaze Carpet Factory Workshop (1960)

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