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Snowland Event
  • Rally 
    Rebels rallying towards the Norbu Lingka (1959)

  • Damage 
    Rebels set fire to the Lhasa Transport Terminal (1959)

  • Armed Provocation
    Rebels besieged the institutions of the Tibet Work Committee and staged armed provocation (1959) 

  • Destroy

    Rebels destroyed roads and bridges (1959)

  • Animal Epidemic Prevention 
    Animal epidemic prevention team going to the pasturing area to vaccinate livestock (1957)

  • A Helping Hand 
    PLA troops stationed in Tibet giving relief grain to poor peasants and herders (1959)

  • Exercising Political Rights
    Zhaxi Wangdui, a peasant, participated in the election of a deputy to the People's Congress. This was the first time he exercised his political rights as master of his own affairs after being emancipated
  • Smiling Faces 
    Emancipated serfs in Nedong County celebrated a bumper highland barley harvest for the first time after the Democratic Reform (1960)

  • Yesterday No More 
    Emancipated serf Ngawang was elected the first township head of Nedong County, the first township government set up in Tibet Autonomous Region during the Democratic Reform

  • Support 
    Tibetan people voluntarily organized transportation teams to give support to the PLA for suppressing the armed rebellion (1959)

  • Joy
    People singing while dancing and presenting hada to the portrait of Chairman Mao. During the Democratic Reform in Tibet, emancipated serfs sing, "We cannot forget the Communist Party after being liberated and we need to thank Chairman Mao for emancipating us."
  • Gratitude 
    An old woman presents tea to PLA soldiers for helping with the autumn harvest (1959) 

  • Working Together
    Tan Guansan, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Tibet Work Committee and political commissar of the PLA Tibet Military Area Command, together with the Tibetan people, dug irrigation ditches in Tibet
  • Demand 
    Tibetan serfs gathered at a rally demanding an end to feudal serfdom (1959)

  • Singing
    This story took place in the rural areas of Dagze County, Tibet on August 25, 1959. Peasants from Tagyi Township found many contracts in the storehouse of a manor. They turned out to be serfs' body mortgages through which the serf-owner exploited and oppressed them. Having experienced so much misery, they angrily burned the contracts. The flames roared, and emancipated serfs were singing in a high mood. The fire not only burned piles of contracts, but eliminated an old society and old system

  • Getting Livestock
    Emancipated serfs from Nangang Village, Doilungdeqen County, were given livestock (1959)
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