A tourist enjoys the scenery in Jilin of northeast China’s Jilin Province on January 22 (ZHU JIANLUN)
    A child gets an eye test at a juvenile visual protection base in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, on January 28.

    It is the first non-profit juvenile visual protection base in the city and it aims to help young people better protect their eyesight.

    Figures from the National Health and Family Planning Commission show that more than 25 percent of primary students and more than 50 percent of middle school students are near-sighted in China (JIANG HONGJING)
    A car fills up at a gas station in Shanghai, on January 26, when the National Development and Reform Commission, China's top economic planner, announced the 13th consecutive cut on retail prices of gasoline and diesel since July 2014.

    China's domestic fuel prices are reduced when international crude prices change by more than 50 yuan ($8) per ton within a 10-working day period (PEI XIN)
    Bullet trains prepare to depart the Beijing South Railway Station, the starting point of the Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway in the north, on January 26.

    In 2014, the total ridership on the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed line exceeded 100 million.

    A surge in passenger traffic turned the high-speed rail route profitable for the first time in 2014, its third year of operation (YANG BAOSEN)