Entertainment Titan's New Career
Chen Tianqiao, Chairman and founder of Shanghai-based Shanda Group, which is one of China's top online entertainment giants, has made his symbolic exit from this industry by selling his stake in Shanda Games
Grassroots Writer Recognized
Hua Qianfang, a young online writer, is recently elected vice chairman of the Writers' Association of Fushun, northeast China's Liaoning Province

"Our Asian neighbors are paying a great deal of attention to how the Japanese Government and leaders will handle next year and what kind of messages will be delivered."

Tang Jiaxuan, former State Councilor and now President of the China-Japan Friendship Association, speaking on December 3 at a meeting of the 21st Century Committee, an advisory panel on Sino-Japanese relations

"The merger is not just about making a change, but represents a large step forward in preventing unhealthy competition in overseas markets."

Liu Youmei, a railway transportation specialist with the Chinese Academy of Engineering, commenting on the merger plan of China's two biggest train makers, China CNR Corp. and CSR Corp., on December 3

"It is a milestone for the development of China's tourism industry."

Zhang Jilin, an official from the National Tourism Administration, referring to the fact that China's outbound tourist departures from the mainland have recently exceeded 100 million in a calendar year for the first time

"This is perhaps the best time ever in China's cinematic history."

Zhao Baohua, Deputy Director of the Chinese Film Literature Association, film critic and screenwriter, talking about China's box office takings hitting a new record high in 2014

Industrial Design Matters

Oriental Outlook

December 4

Industrial design, the act of creating new products, is empowering Chinese manufacturing enterprises to rid themselves of the status of being mere subcontracting workshops.

A fundamental issue concerning industrial design is that design is a product of well-developed manufacturing businesses. Without a good manufacturing foundation, it's impossible to create new brands. The good news is that together with the maturing industrial chain, the protection of intellectual property rights is improving in China.

More Tolerance, Less Discrimination

Beijing Morning Post

December 1

This year's World AIDS Day looked to increase tolerance to people living with HIV/AIDS and address people's discrimination against the disease. HIV/AIDS has long been regarded as an incurable disease like cancer, though perhaps more terrifying in that it is contagious. Misunderstandings about how it is transferred between people have become one of the main reasons why people with HIV/AIDS are discriminated against.

Against AIDS Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visits medical workers at Beijing's Youan Hospital, home to a center for HIV/AIDS treatment, on November 30, one day ahead of World AIDS Day (XIE HUANCHI)
History Textbooks Senior high school students read textbooks about the Nanjing Massacre in Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu Province (SUN CAN)
Easier E-Banking
China's electronic banking service is required to provide easier access for the disabled
Traffic Website
The Ministry of Public Security kicks off the first nationwide traffic management website
Elderly Services
The official website of the Ministry of Civil Affairs publishes a circular to encourage foreign investment in China's elderly care services
Better Connection Construction of a tunnel for the Zhijin-Nayong Railway in Guizhou Province is in full swing on December 2 (HAO TONGQIAN)
Garden Expo Coming The Tangshan International Garden Expo undergoes construction on December 4 in Tangshan, north China's Hebei Province (MOU YU)
PMI Results
Growth in China's manufacturing sector remained moderate in November
Tax Scrutiny
China will establish a comprehensive system to monitor foreign companies' profitability in order to curb cross-border tax evasion
Data Link
China's Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. and Belgium-based nanoelectronics research center Imec announced their strategic partnership on optical data link technology
Now Is the Time for IPO Reform
By Yu Fenghui

A draft plan to reform the nation's stock issuance regime has been completed and will be presented to the State Council, China's cabinet, for review before the end of November. Under the plan, China will switch to a registration-based system for new share listing from the current approval-based system.

The shift toward the registration-based new share listing system will constitute a momentous event in China's capital markets, and possibly in financial reform at large.

    Security forces rush to the site of a blast near the heavily fortified gates of the Aden Adde International Airport in Mogadishu on December 3, after a suicide bomber rammed a car packed with explosives into a UN convoy and killed at least four people (XINHUA/AFP)
    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrives at the parliamentary building in Jerusalem for a meeting with lawmakers from his Likud party on December 3. Israel is to hold a snap election on March 17, 2015, following the breakup of Netanyahu’s fractious coalition government (XINHUA/AFP)
    A flash of lightning lights up the sky above the Baie des Anges in Nice, southeast France, on November 30 (XINHUA/AFP)
     A woman arranges figures of a nativity scene made of gingerbread on November 30 in Zdounky, where 10 women used 45 kg of dough and 120 eggs to manufacture a total of 1,806 gingerbread pieces in a little over a month (XINHUA/AFP)
    An employee of jeweler Tanaka Kikinzoku Jewelry displays a pure platinum-made calendar for 2015 at the company’s Ginza shop in Tokyo on December 3 (XINHUA/AFP)
    Protesters chant slogans as they gathered in Tahrir Square in Cairo on November 29 to denounce a court’s decision to drop a murder charge against ousted President Hosni Mubarak (XINHUA/AFP)
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