Crowned Pair
Chinese tennis players Peng Shuai (right) and Hsieh Su-weiwon their second Grand Slam title together at this year's French Open
Young Heroes
High school graduates Liu Yanbing (right) and Yi Zhengyong were unable to sit the national college entrance exam due to injuries sustained while trying to stop a man attacking passengers with a knife on a bus

"We welcome Mandarin Chinese teachers and Chinese engineers to teach in Belarus. We hope to cooperate with Chinese universities in both planning the curriculum and teacher training."

Natallia Baranava, President of Minsk State Linguistic University in Minsk, Belarus, at a two-day International Conference on Language in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province

"The increase of Chinese college graduates choosing to start their own businesses has resulted from government support in recent years, such as reduced intervention, the offer of micro-loans and cuts in taxes and fees."

Chen Yu, Vice President of the China Association for Employment Promotion

"Modern Danish design, environmental protection and green development concepts are also very popular in China. Good bilateral relations, cultural exchanges and complementarities made Copenhagen a natural choice to host the first Chinese Culture Center in a Nordic country."

Li Jinsheng, Cultural Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Denmark

"Improving the retirement system for members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering and breaking the current thinking on life tenure could be mutually reinforcing."

Deng Ziqing, commentator of newspaper Changjiang Times

Entrepreneurs Face New Tasks

South Review

June 4

Modern Chinese enterprises started to develop in 1984, when the focus of China's reform shifted from the countryside to cities. That year, former leader Deng Xiaoping's inspection tour of the south spurred the birth of such modern institutions as Lenovo, Haier, and Shanghai Vanke.

Over the past 30 years, these industrial enterprises have played an integral role in pushing forward China's market economy, and the entrepreneurs who have grown alongside them have accumulated wealth and enjoyed the high social status that comes with it.

Free Trade Zones

Outlook Weekly

June 2

For the last eight months, the Shanghai Free Trade Zone has successfully been in operation, spurring several local governments in China to submit materials establishing their cities as "free trade zones" as well. Yet these applications only show that many still don't understand the true purpose behind these local-economy-boosting hubs.

A free trade zone acts as an important platform for implementing new commercial reforms, namely aimed at increasing an area's degree of marketization, or the diversification of ownership of its businesses.

Drill at Sea Sailors stand on China's missile destroyer Haikou at a naval port in Sanya, south China's Hainan Province (HU KAIBING)
Education for All Primary students attend class at a village school in Jiangxi Province (ZHOU KE)
Massacre Heritage
China is applying to the UNESCO to list 11 sets of documents related to the 1937 Nanjing Massacre
Care for Seniors
More land has to be made available for the building of homes for the elderly in China
Carbon Trade
China is the world's second largest carbon trading market following the EU
A Revolution in Lighting Visitors observe lighting made from plastic optical fiber in a company in Anhui Province (GUO SHINING)
Come and Play Visitors experience a 4G-based smart vehicle operation system at the Mobile Asia Expo 2014 in Shanghai (FANG ZHE)
Mobile Internet Buy
Alibaba Group will purchase UCWeb, a provider of mobile Internet software and services
Export Recovery
China's exports continues to recover in May amid improving demand in developed countries
Inflation Up
The consumer price index increases 2.5 percent year on year in May
Ye Tan
A financial commentator
At the present time, China is in need of economic stimulus, a fact testified to by the struggling branches of some banks and the sluggish manufacturing industry. The country should no longer base its optimistic mood solely on the explosive growth of the information technology (IT) and e-commerce industries. Without the upgrading of its manufacturing sector, China's economy will lose the foundation required to sustain its growth
    People wearing World War II British uniforms stand in front of 22,000 British national flags on June 6 in Asnelles, Normandy, during a ceremony marking the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings that helped defeat Nazi forces (XINHUA/AFP)
    Mogadishu residents huddle around a television to watch the opening game of the 2014 FIFA World Cup on June 12. The international men’s soccer tournament takes place in Brazil from June 12 to July 13 (XINHUA/REUTERS)
    Security personnel conduct a body search near Jinnah International Airport in the southern Pakistani port city of Karachi on June 10. Dozens were killed when a group of militants attacked the airport two days earlier (XINHUA)
    Rice is poured onto a giant pot to prepare the world’s largest rice-with-chicken dish in La Plata on June 8 as part of a fund-raising program for a local children’s hospital (XINHUA/AFP)
    Children hug trees in a bid to set a new world record for the largest coordinated mass tree-hugging as they celebrate World Environment Day on the outskirts of Kathmandu on June 5. A total of 2,001 Nepalese students joined in the activity (XINHUA/AFP)
    Young people splash water at each other during a flash mob at a fountain in St. Petersburg on June 8 (XINHUA/AFP)
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