Rising Star
Chinese hurdler Xie Wenjun stuns a star-studded track by winning the men's 110-meter hurdles with a personal best of 13.23 seconds at the 2014 Diamond League Shanghai
Top Scientist
Chinese search giant Baidu has hired Andrew Ng, a noted artificial intelligence researcher and co-founder of online education startup Coursera, to be its chief scientist

"Tibetan Buddhism puts a lot of emphasis on cherishing life. Whatever the motives, self-immolation and teaching others to set themselves on fire are against Buddhist teachings."

Li Decheng, Director of the Religion Institute of China Tibetology Research Center, criticizing the Dalai Lama's partial approval of self-immolation during his recent remarks at a forum in Norway

"Talking from the perspective of a producer, I believe that the core role of playwrights in creating soap operas will be recognized in China after we introduce the system in Hollywood."

Jin Tao, a director of many successful TV series in China

"A total of 12 million tons of grain, valued at more than 20 billion yuan ($3.22 billion), is polluted by heavy metals each year. This is enough grain to support a population of more than 40 million."

Zhu Yi, an associate professor of the College of Food Science & Nutritional Engineering, China Agricultural University

"The lack of well-nurtured talent has become a stumbling block for creative industries in China, which is what makes this program so necessary."

Yang Zhiyong, Secretary General of the China Creative Industry Alliance, which initiated a national training program aimed at developing China's creative industries by cultivating talented people and helping them start businesses, on May 18

Care for the Elderly

Oriental Outlook

May 22

China already had more than 200 million elderly people over the age of 60 by 2013. As a solution to cope with the aging problem in Chinese society, home-based care service has been proposed as the fundamental strategy.

The concept of "home-based care" was first proposed in China in 2001 and more than a decade has passed since such service centers were first set up in some locations.

Doctor-Patient Relations

South Reviews

May 21

After more than a decade's deterioration in the medical and health care sectors owing to their overly market-oriented development, patients are faced with difficulty in accessing medical services at hospitals, while doctors are finding their image in society is on the decline.

The past few decades have seen a downturn in the relationship between doctors and patients. As for how to rebuild affinity between the two sides, there are many proposals: public hospitals should be act as providers of public welfare, doctors should be guaranteed decent salaries, medical resources should be more evenly distributed to community hospitals, the mechanism of dispute settlement should be made more reliable.

Welcome Back Captain Xie Beizhen (front) and crew members Wang Minjuan (center) and Dong Chen walk out of the Moon Palace 1 capsule in Beijing on May 20, after spending 105 days in the closed lab (GONG LEI)
Life in Another's Shoes Primary school students in Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province, wear blindfolds to experience how people with vision impairments navigate (SUN ZHONGZHE)
Urumqi Blast
A terrorist attack in Urumqi, Xinjiang, leaves at least 31 dead and 94 injured on May 22
Cyber Security
Latest data shows that a total of 2,077 Trojan horse networks or botnet servers in the United States directly controlled 1.18 million host computers in China
Windows 8 Ban
China has announces that it will forbid the installation of Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system on government computers
Blue Skies for Transport A train runs on the Lhasa-Shigatse Railway in Tibet Autonomous Region (JUE GUO)
Silk Road Building Blocks Containers line up neatly in Lianyungang Port of east coastal Jiangsu Province (CHEN YICHEN)
Reform Priorities
The National Development and Reform Commission releases economic priorities for 2014 in a plan that has been approved by the State Council
Solar Industry Enraged
China's photovoltaic industry issues a statement, opposing the second U.S. anti-dumping and countervailing duty investigations on Chinese PV products
Partnering With Russia
A joint investment vehicle set up by Chinese and Russian sovereign wealth funds announces three deals in Shanghai that see it diversify into the service sectors of the two countries
Xiang Zheng
A financial commentator
If housing prices remain high or even continue to climb, social wealth will continue to be concentrated in the high-income group, while ordinary people and newly employed people have less money to spend. In the meantime, excessive concentration of capital in the real estate industry will also affect other industries' access to credit, hence raising the financing cost and impeding the country's industrial restructuring.
    Soldiers patrol the streets of Bangkok on May 22, the day Thai Army Commander in Chief General Prayuth Chan-ocha declared a coup following months of deadly political turmoil (XINHUA/AFP)
  • PERU
    Customs officials show part of the 70,000 counterfeit dollars hidden in children’s books bound for New York City on May 15 at an international airport on the outskirts of Lima (XINHUA/AFP)
    A British model presents a dress made with Vanda heads at the Chelsea Flower Show in London on May 19 (XINHUA/AFP)
    South Korean President Park Geun Hye bows during a televised address to the nation in Seoul on May 19. Park took tearful responsibility for the mishandling of last month’s ferry disaster, in which more than 280 people drowned (XINHUA/AFP)
    A photo released on May 17 shows technicians working in the area where fossils of a dinosaur—likely to be the largest ever to roam the Earth—were found in south Argentina’s Chubut Province (XINHUA/AFP)
    Rescuers work at the site of a collision between cargo and passenger trains near the Bekasovo station, about 70 km southwest of Moscow, on May 20 JIA YUCHEN (JIA YUCHEN)
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