Top Scientists Honored
Physical chemist Zhang Cunhao (left) and nuclear weapons expert Cheng Kaijia win China's top science award for their outstanding contributions to scientific and technological innovation

"Such seemingly outdated and primitive techniques truly represent traditional Chinese culture, and people should take pride in them."

Jiao Ruiqing, co-author of the book Four Chinese, which documents the daily lives of four farmers each using a traditional technique in their work, at the book's launch ceremony in Beijing on January 10

"Fancy clubs in parks and historical buildings are clearly invasions into public resources. These sites are public treasures, which should be open to the general public, rather than the privileged few."

Kong Fanzhi, former Director of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Cultural Heritage, commenting on Beijing Municipal Government's order for high-end clubs in public parks to close or operate as ordinary restaurants

"The core strategy of our international development is to foster enthusiasm and trust in traditional Chinese medicine among foreign patients by showcasing its effectiveness and relatively few side effects. We have sensed a widespread acceptance of and growing demand for it."

Ding Yongling, Deputy General Manager of Tongrentang, a Beijing-based pharmaceutical company dating back 300 years, on his company's plan to run 100 outlets abroad by 2015

"We will improve policies to encourage and support qualified enterprises of all kinds to participate in bidding for railway construction projects."

Zhao Guoqing, chief engineer and spokeswoman of the National Railway Administration, pledging to create a sound policy environment for private investment in the railway sector, at a press conference on January 14

Shangri-la Blaze

Workers' Daily
January 14

A fire that broke out on January 11 in Dukezong Ancient Town in Shangri-la, a resort county in southwest China's Yunnan Province, has destroyed 242 houses and affected 335 families, but no deaths or injuries have been reported.

Narrow alleys and wood-structure houses as well as weather factors posed problems for firefighters, according to local authorities. But it is too late for excuses following this disaster.

Junk Mail

Beijing Times
January 14

Junk e-mail and short spam messages are becoming commonplace nuisances. There are 370 billion junk mails sent annually in China. Internet users have no better solution than to delete spam e-mails and messages. Some are even tricked by these messages and suffer economic loss.

The major reason is that telecommunication and Internet service providers turn a blind eye on it.

Wetland Coverage China has a total of 53.6 million hectares of wetlands, accounting for 5.58 percent of its territory area, according to survey figures released by the State Forestry Administration (XUE YUBIN)
Sea Mission A diver enters a diving bell to get ready for a 300-meter saturation dive under the South China Sea on January 9 (XINHUA)
Lunar Exploration
China's moon rover Yutu, or Jade Rabbit, completes its first scientific exploration of lunar soil
Tough on Graft
The Communist Party of China's disciplinary watchdog closes graft investigations into eight high-profile officials and handed over their cases to prosecutors in 2013
Tibetan Education
Tibetans receive 8.4 years of education on average, according to data released by education authorities of Tibet Autonomous Region
Power Connection A worker from a grid company checks a power transmission tower in Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province (YAO FENG)
Hi-Tech Plantation A farmer walks in a greenhouse in the Huasheng Solar Power Farm in Jimo, east China’s Shandong Province (NING YOUPENG)
Probe Continues
China's anti-trust probe against Swedish firm Tetra Pak has not stopped, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce says
Lending Moderated
New data has shown that China's lending in 2013 is moderated and the growth of broad money supply eased
New Gas Field
The China National Offshore Oil Corp. Ltd., the country's largest offshore oil producer, announces the operation of the Liuhua 19-5 Gas Field
Worries of the Trade Champion
China outstripps the United States in international cargo trade in 2013
Fast Growing Yu'E Bao
Yu'E Bao (Leftover Treasure), an Alibaba personal finance product launched in June 2013, has 49 million users with aggregate deposits of 250 billion yuan
UnionPay New Record
The total value of transactions via UnionPay bankcards totales 32.3 trillion yuan in 2013, up 48 percent on 2012, according to data released by China UnionPay, the nation's top bankcard association
    An unmanned Cygnus cargo ship of a private U.S. company arrives at the International Space Station on January 12 to deliver supplies to the research outpost (XINHUA/AFP)
    Anti-government protesters wave national flags as they march through the streets of Bangkok in a move to "shut down" the city on January 13, in an escalation of their campaign to unseat Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra (XINHUA/AFP)
    A woman takes off her trousers prior to taking part in the 2014 No Pants Subway Ride on January 12 in a Paris subway station (XINHUA/AFP)
    Egyptian policemen arrest a supporter of ousted President Mohamed Morsi outside a police academy in Cairo on January 8 (XINHUA/AFP)
    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stands in silent tribute in front of the tomb of former Israeli leader Ariel Sharon on January 13 on Sharon’s ranch in southern Israel. Sharon died at the age of 85 following an eight-year coma (XINHUA)
    Residents ride a wooden boat as they paddle past submerged houses following floods caused by heavy rains on the outskirts of Butuan in the southern island of Mindanao on January 13 (XINHUA/AFP)
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