Philanthropist Passes Away
Hong Kong media mogul and philanthropist Run Run Shaw passed away at the age of 107
Record Breaking Mom
Sheng Hailin, a retired lady from Hefei, east China's Anhui Province, has been recently reported as the oldest woman to ever bear children in China

"The first public destruction of ivory in China was to demonstrate the country's determination to discourage illegal ivory trading, protect wildlife and raise public awareness."

Zhang Jianlong, Vice Administrator of the State Forestry Administration, commenting on the Chinese Government's destruction of 6.1 tonnes of confiscated ivory on January 6

"His suicide may be an extreme case, but the debate on social morality it has triggered is more heart-rending."

Yang Nailiang, a professor of humanities and law at South China Agricultural University, commenting on the suicide of 45-year-old Wu Weiqing in Dongguan of Guangdong Province, who rescued an injured senior citizen but faced accusations and demands for compensation afterward

"With the issuance of 4G licenses, China's mobile networks will embrace a wave of explosive growth in 2014. Enthusiasm will be further released, create new development opportunities for Internet industries."

Gao Xinmin, Vice President of the Internet Society of China, at a conference in Beijing on January 8

"Higher incomes, along with the growing awareness of the benefits to English education at an early age, mean we expect more resources to be allocated for preschool English education."

Zhang Yang, a Beijing-based education analyst, commenting on the booming preschool English education market in China

Academician Misconduct

China Youth Daily
January 7

Recently, Wang Zhengmin, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and a professor of otology at Fudan University, has been accused of plagiarism. Wang is suspected of copying academic papers and cloning an artificial cochlea developed foreign inventors while passing off the innovations as his own. However, the academic committee of the university merely admitted Wang's research work did not conform to academic standards.

What makes the public disappointed is that the CAS has never released the results of investigations regarding such cases.

Palace Museum Renovations

Beijing Times
January 7

Starting from January 6, the Palace Museum in Beijing will be closed every Monday for renovations. Like a person, the Palace Museum also needs regular rest, especially since it receives 15 million visitors annually.

During its time off, maintenance work will be carried out to make sure that its collections are all kept in good condition. According to the museum, on the museum's first Monday off, the work included cleaning up chewing gum on the floor, wiping dust of the throne of the emperors and reinstalling lights in the cases for some parts of the collections. The regular closing will give the museum more time to conduct systematic renovations.


Naval Reinforcement Ji'an, a Chinese-made light missile frigate, is put into service in Shanghai by the East China Sea Fleet of the People's Liberation Army Navy (XINHUA)
Drug Bust A major production base for methamphetamine, commonly known as 'ice' or 'meth,' has been rooted out in Boshe Village in Lufeng City, south China's Guangdong Province (XINHUA)
Air Pollution
In the country's latest effort to combat pollution, the 31 provincial-level regions of the Chinese mainland have been set targets to reduce major air pollutants by 5 to 25 percent
Protecting Minors
Prosecutors should not publicly disclose the private information of minors involved in criminal cases, and are required to respect and protect their reputations
Medical Waste
China will impose harsh punishments on those who handle medical waste improperly, in a bid to reduce pollution and protect public health
Ground-Breaking A container ship is delivered to its buyers in Dalian, northeast China's Liaoning Province (XINHUA)
Horse Year Coming A shop owner at the Zhejiang Yiwu China Small-Commodities City decorates a horse mascot (TAN JIN)
Inflation in Check
China's consumer price index had grown 2.5 percent year on year in December, and 2.6 percent for the whole of 2013
Pension Boost
The State Council will increase the pensions of enterprises' retirees by 10 percent
Private Banks
China will set up three to five fully private banks on a trial basis this year in a bid to further open up the banking sector to domestic and foreign capital
Curbing Shadow Banking Risks
Capital chain rupture poses a major risk during China's economic transformation
IPO Resumption
Guangdong Xinbao Electrical Appliances Holdings Co. Ltd. will issue no more than 76 million new shares on China's A-share market, with a set price of 10.5 yuan
Soaring Profits
Shanghai Pudong Development Bank's net profits reached nearly 41 billion yuan in 2013, up 19.8 percent year on year
    Immigrants are rescued by the Italian Navy near the Italian island of Lampedusa on January 2. Italy saved 233 mostly African immigrants from a boat in trouble off the coast of the Mediterranean island (XINHUA/AFP)
    Ice builds up along Lake Michigan as temperatures dipped well below zero in Chicago on January 6. The city hit a record low of minus 26.7 degrees Celsius that morning, the lowest in about two decades (XINHUA/AFP)
    A dog looks on as a store manager mixes a meal for it in Berlin on January 2. The shop prepares meals for pets that can be eaten on site or taken away (XINHUA/AFP)
    Mount Sinabung in North Sumatra spews ash into the air during an eruption on January 7. The volcano has erupted relentlessly for months, displacing more than 20,000 people (XINHUA/AFP)
    A visitor explores the inside of inflatable walk-in sculpture exhibited at the Opera House in Sydney on January 3 (XINHUA/AFP)
  • IRAQ
    An Iraqi soldier at a checkpoint east of Baghdad on January 6, as the Iraqi army prepared to retake Fallujah, a city that had been outside government control for days (XINHUA/AFP)
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