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New Incentive for Moving Forward
Sergey Manassarian
 Web Exclusive
Armenian Ambassador to China Sergey Manassarian (COURTESY PHOTO)

Armenian Ambassador to China Sergey Manassarian told  Beijing Review reporter Li Nan on October 5 how he views the upcoming 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC). The following is an edited version of the interview:

Beijing Review: How do you view China's achievements both at home and on the world stage since the 18th CPC National Congress in November 2012? What has impressed you most during your term in China?

Sergey Manassarian: On one hand it is easy to speak about China's achievements during the past period after the 18th CPC National Congress, but on the other hand it is very difficult because achievements have been recorded in almost all fields of economy, science, education, etc. It would be easier to take a look at the numbers and compare today's situation with that of five years ago.

For all the main economic indicators, sharply positive dynamics have been recorded. In particular, such indicators as GDP, both in general and per capita, have shown growth; poverty levels have been steadily decreasing, especially in rural areas; new openings have appeared in the job market; and the well-being of the population is also improving.

As for the international area, it should be noted that in the reporting period, China became the world's largest investor, and that the geography of the implemented investment projects covers practically all continents.

I have been in China for more than a year and a half, and mostly I have been impressed by the tremendous flexibility with which the nation is governed as well as the quick decision making and positive changes in the development and modernization of the country.

What do you think about the CPC's governing capability?

The answer to this question automatically follows from the first one. If in a short period of time the country was able to achieve brilliant results and become one of the world's leading nations, obviously the strategic goals were set correctly and the process of the governance was carried out brilliantly.

The CPC is governing China impeccably.

I am sure that the 19th CPC National Congress will develop new concepts and approaches which will give a new incentive for moving forward.

What's your comment on China's political system?

Indeed, China's political system is strikingly different from that of many nations in the world. However, we have to mention that each and every country in the world chooses its political system at its own discretion, based on a number of factors including historical and national peculiarities.

And today's indicators of China have shown the viability of its system.

What are your expectations of this congress and the next five years?

From the 19th CPC National Congress, I anticipate new conceptual solutions that will not only help the country to further develop, but will also raise the level of world stability and security. I am sure that fundamental concepts of new ways of development will be worked out.

Copyedited by Chris Surtees

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