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Feast of History
 NO. 43 OCTOBER 22, 2015


Visitors view exhibits in the Tower Gallery and at the east and west wings of Wumen at the Palace Museum on October 11 (CFP)

Four previously closed-off sections of the Palace Museum were opened to the public on October 11, bringing the total accessible area of the emperor's previous residence up to 65 percent from 52 percent.

Baoyunlou, or the Hall of Embodied Treasures, was built to store cultural relics. Its combination of Chinese and Western architecture style makes it a unique part of the former imperial complex.

Cininggong, or the Palace of Benevolent Peace, where Empress Dowager Cixi (1835-1908) lived, has been renovated into a permanent venue to display a large collection of sculptures of high artistic and historical value, mainly focusing on Buddhas, pottery figurines and mausoleum carvings.

Shoukanggong, where Empress Dowager Chongqing (1693-1777), mother of Emperor Qianlong (1736-96), once lived, has been restored to approximate its more ancient appearance.

The newly renovated Donghua Gate will be part of the new exhibits, displaying ancient architecture and relics and providing a stunning panoramic view over the grounds below.

The Tower Gallery and the east and west wings of Wumen (The Meridian Gate) is a 2,800-square-meter space for the museum's largest modern exhibition area, providing enough room to display an abundance of relics.


Tourists take a selfie on the Palace Museum’s wall with the Corner Tower as the background (CFP)


Visitors take a closer look at a piece of bracket structure, a typical construction design for ancient imperial palaces in China, at Donghua Gate on October 11 (CFP)


Baoyunlou, or the Hall of Embodied Treasures (XINHUA)


Over 400 sculptures from the Qin (221-206 B.C.) to the Qing (1644-1911) dynasties are on display in the Cininggong, or the Palace of Benevolent Peace (CFP)

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