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Power of Creation
Artists from various fields bring 350 pieces of artwork to Beijing for an exhibition titled GREAT Creator--UK GREAT Graduate Show 2015
By Yuan Yuan | Web Exclusive

How big is the creative industry in the United Kingdom? It brought in 71.4 billion pounds into the UK in 2014 alone, according to a Creative Industries Economic Estimates 2014 report. Put another way, the creative industry averages 8 million pounds in a single hour.

To celebrate the industry, 83 artists from various fields brought 350 pieces of artwork to Beijing for an exhibition on October 30 titled GREAT Creator--UK GREAT Graduate Show 2015. Visitors at the exhibition could talk one-on-one with the artists about art in both China and UK. Many of the items on display have never been available in China before.

World-renowned shoe designer Jimmy Choo shared his experiences about learning design and developing his fashion brand. "I chose to go to England to design study because it has the leading design industry. I felt I could get what I wanted in England, and I finally did," Choo said. "The design inspiration for the first pair of Jimmy Choo shoes comes from a costume they wear (in England)."

Liu Fei, an award-winning Chinese jewelry designer, told a story from her time studying jewelry design in the United Kingdom. "The purpose of design is to make people's lives more beautiful and convenient, so you must be clear what the customers want first," she said during a media interview before the exhibition kicked off.

Roger Bateman, a product and furniture designer teaching at Sheffield Hallam University, discussed how he helps the students get inspiration. "Most people focus on the final design products, but what is more important is the process. The soul of design is more in the process," he said.

Amelia Beardshaw, a fashion student graduating from Sheffield Hallam University, displayed clothes she designed by combining elements from both China and UK. "The unorthodox materials and design of the clothes grab your attention," said Meng Qun, a visitor at the exhibition. "I like them a lot."

Carma Elliot, director of the British Council in China, said that the exhibition applied to everyone and could help the younger people explore the essence of creation in the United Kingdom.

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