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Pakistani Luban Workshop launches TCM planting base project in Multan
  ·  2024-06-11  ·   Source: The Daily Mail, Pakistan

Tianjin Modern Vocational Technology College (TMVTC) and MNS University of Agriculture Multan recently collaborated on a project to establish a Herbal Medicine Planting, Testing, and Processing Base under Pakistani Luban Workshop. 

The project, in collaboration with Tianjin Pharmaceutical Darentang Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Tailai Import and Export Co., Ltd, is dedicated to promoting the cultivation and processing of Traditional Chinese Medicines in Multan. This initiative integrates industry and vocational education, aims to spread the culture of Chinese medicine, trains overseas technical talents, and supports the international development of TCM. 

The project was officially launched at the 11th Conference on Chinese Herbal Medicine Base Collaboration for Shared Benefits held last week. The project focuses on integrating China's TCM brands with foreign cultural exchange brands, merging innovation with engineering practice, and combining TCM international trade with the training of local technicians. This forms a "three-combination" vocational education model to support the global expansion of TCM. The model received high attention from industry experts and pharmaceutical enterprises attending the conference. 

The Pakistani Luban Workshop project selected and cultivated high-quality licorice, comfrey and cistanche, which are of high quality and have high yields in Multan. Through large-scale planting, we can acquire high-quality and affordable Chinese medicinal materials, thereby boosting local income. At the same time, the cooperation project will promote the integration of Chinese herbs into international markets and support health programs with Chinese characteristics. 

To strengthen cooperation between the industry, university, and research institute of the project, TMVTC hired experts in the field of biopharmaceuticals as mentors. Dr. Liang Yu, pharmacology professor at Tsinghua University and one of the mentors of the project, emphasized that the cultivation of traditional Chinese herbs abroad is crucial for the global expansion of TCM. He suggested that guiding the project's implementation through scientific research will significantly advance green and sustainable development, enhancing the global influence of TCM. 

During the conference, Kang Ning, the Party Secretary of TMVTC, mentioned that by creating a China-Pakistan cooperation model for the advancement of TCM and training local Pakistani talents in traditional medicine, vocational education will facilitate the international development of TCM and encourage the standardization of Chinese medicine tablets on an international level.

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