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Pakistani delegation visits electric appliances manufacturer in Wenzhou, China
  ·  2024-12-30  ·   Source: The Daily Mail, Pakistan

A delegation led by Khan Muhammad Wazir, Science and Technology Counsellor of the Embassy of Pakistan in China, visited the People Electric Appliances Group in Wenzhou, China, engaging in a comprehensive discussion regarding cooperation in electric appliances. Wu Yilin, Vice General Manager of the Import and Export Company of the Group, accompanied the delegation on an extensive tour of the Innovation Experience Center and the Smart Factory. 

Through exploring immersive intelligent inspections, digital production lines, and the showcased power solutions, which included the integration of smart grids and the digital energy system, the delegation gained a comprehensive understanding of People Electric Appliances' product line, production processes, and technological capabilities. "People Electric Appliances Group has made impressive achievements in the industry, and we commend their dedication to innovation and quality," said Khan Muhammad Wazir. During the following discussion, Wazir highlighted Pakistan's electric appliance market and expressed a strong interest in fostering exchanges and collaboration with the group in the industrial sector. It is projected that Pakistan will maintain an annual growth rate of 5 percent in electricity consumption from 2023 to 2047. This surge in demand will also fuel the need for electrical appliances in the market. Due to a late start in the market, there are relatively few domestic enterprises engaged in electrical appliance production in Pakistan, and their technological capabilities are comparatively outdated. "Through the collaboration, we aim to explore avenues for cooperation in technological exchange and market development," He added. "We see great potential in cooperating with Pakistani enterprises to explore international markets together," said Wu Yilin, providing an overview of People Electric Appliances' domestic and international presence. "With a wide range of advanced technologies and innovative products, we are eager to leverage our experience and resources to foster mutual growth." 

Earlier, a three-month-long Pakistan-China joint exhibition showcasing Gandhara cultural relics commenced at the Shenzhen Museum of History and Folk Culture in Shenzhen, China. The exhibition themed Gandhara Heritage Along the Silk Road, jointly organized by the Shenzhen Museum, the Department of Archaeology and Museums of Pakistan and the Palace Museum, will be open to the public until March 24, 2024. 

A total of 203 cultural relics, including 173 artifacts from seven museums in Pakistan and 30 artifacts from the Palace Museum, are showcased at the exhibition. 

The artifacts from Pakistan primarily stem from archaeological excavations, consisting of Buddhist sculptures, architectural components of Gandhara stonework and various gold and silver objects, fully demonstrating the diversity of Gandhara art style. 

The Buddhist sculptures from the Palace Museum were mainly sourced from the ancient Gandhara region and made their way into Tibetan palaces through the ancient Silk Road, highlighting the long history of cultural and artistic exchange between China and Pakistan.

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