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Shanghai on the World Expo Stage
From China's successful bid for the Expo to its opening this year, with strong support from the Central Government and from all over the country, Shanghai has put in a great deal of preparation
Destination Shanghai
Endless opportunities to experience rich culture and modern marvels await visitors to Shanghai

Although a young city at 700 years old—in its fancy compared with Chinese civilization as a whole—Shanghai has become one of the most recognized and dynamic cities in China.

Shanghai serves as a window providing the rest of the world with a glimpse of China's development. The past three decades witnessed China's opening up to the outside world—and Shanghai has played a vanguard role in this process

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A Committed City
The opportunities and challenges of Shanghai's grand, international fair have kept urban planners busy for years in the lead-up to the Expo, upgrading the city's amenities and traffic facilities to ensure the Expo is a success
Shanghai Keeps Its Cool
The air of suppressed hysteria which characterized Beijing in the run-up to the Olympics is absent. Shanghai is looking forward to a party, but is far too sophisticated for any display of overexcitement
About Shanghai
Shanghai is located on the western coast of the Pacific Ocean and at the central point of China's eastern coast, where the Yangtze River empties into the sea. It is China's largest city, and a financial and shipping hub
Country Pavilions You Should Not Miss
Angola Pavilion: A 'Better Life'
The theme is "Angola Ensures a Better Life." The design of the pavilion is inspired by the welwitschia mirabilis, a flower unique to Angola
Poland Pavilion: A Symphony of Paper-Cuts and Piano
The theme is "Humanity, Creativity and the City." It has an exterior featuring paper-cut patterns
New Zealand Pavilion: An Oceanic Legend
The theme is "Cities of Nature: Living Between the Land and Sky." Its design is inspired by a Maori myth about the origin of the world
Finland Pavilion: Inspiration From the Ice Age
This is the first time that Finland has displayed a recyclable composite material made from plastics and paper to the world
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